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Help and opinions pls :) Would this be seen as a threat or intimidation?

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GooseyLoosey Wed 13-Mar-13 13:05:51

Not sure - have to say (as a lawyer) that it would seem logical that someone says "if you bring a claim against me, I will defend it, it will be expensive and unpleasant". What is the alternative - "if you bring a claim against me, I will of course capitulate"?

Not sure I would see this as a threat and think in a work place, I would now leave well alone.

littlehoppityfrog Tue 12-Mar-13 19:50:17

NC for this but been on MN for around five years. I do not wish to be identified please.

A friend (Y) was recently in contact with HR about a third party (Z) and some irregularities that had gone on in the workplace, and which were not in favour of Z.

Y mentioned that Z may have to then seek legal advice. HR (senior person) replied that if Z were to raise a case, it would be made very nasty and very expensive for Z.

The conversation was an official one, not a friendly chat.

a. Is this acceptable behaviour or should Y or Z seek the advice of a more senior personnel member?
b. Would this sort of response be seen as unprofessional and intimidating?
e. Could it be described as a threat or would this be a bit of a stretch?

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