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2 flexible working requests in a year - will they consider the second?

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Rockchick1984 Tue 12-Mar-13 23:01:14

They don't have to consider it but may choose to, it really depends on your company. If they refuse did your DH put in a flexible working request or could he do that now?

Kayano Tue 12-Mar-13 17:08:40

I've been reading about flexible working and seem to be in a bit of an annoying pickle as apparently you can only have one flexible working request a year.

1) October 2012 - put in a flexible working request and after negotiations agree 3 x 7.5 hour days. Have been doing 9-5 with 30 min dinner. A normal day is 7 hours.

2) dh works in same offices and was on shifts, but luckily they took my coming back into account as well as business need and gave him 9-5 too. This was very helpful and I was very grateful to not have to bus it!

(Ps/ I love my job and feel they hae been very good and more than fair with me)


3) dh no longer works in the office due to the business selling a potion of the business to another party. His job has therefore been transferred under TUPE and he is in a different location quite far away (ESP at rush hour)

So I've had to (just last week) put in a second request to do 9-4.30 with a 30 minute lunch on the same days. So in effect doing a normal office day time wise but finishing early. Just so I can pick him up and collect the baby on time.

For my particular role it is actually better and I hit my targets by 4.30 anyway. So if it was a first request I think it would be accepted no question

My worry is though that as I've already got a flexible working request active since October, do they even have to consider t or will it be dismissed outright?
Or is this something at the companies discretion as the only reason for the request is the transfer of dh's job

Thanks for your time reading that essay!

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