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kylieann Mon 11-Mar-13 11:36:07

Hi guys, i have came on here today because I am filling out an application form for a student paramedic job, they have gave me three pages in which to sell myself and tell them why they should give me the job. I have always wanted to be a para but seeing as i left school with only one gcse this wasnt within my reach. I had my son and now he is five i decided to do what i had to, to get my dream. I joined st john ambulance (i have now been there 2 1/2 years), I am Careworker (i go arouns to peoples houses providing all sorts of care from just washing them to palative care). and i have joined college where i am currently doing an access course in science whih should give me the grades to get to uni. after seeing this student para job i thought i would apply for it and as i have said, they have gave me 3 pages to sell myself, i am really struggling with this as i have never been very confident (over the years this is getting better) however, i still havnt quite got the skills to tell them why i am best for the job, any help would be greatly appreciated x

Andro Mon 11-Mar-13 11:55:30

Break it down:

1. What personality traits do you have which would make you a good paramedic? Are you calm in an emergency? Enjoy helping people? Good at communicating with people? Able to calm someone down when they're distressed? Give examples!

2. What background do you have that will help you? Show how your SJA training and experience have helped you develop your skills in first aid. Give examples of how your care work has helped you blend comfort and practicality in difficult situations.

How does the combination of your personality and your background set you up to deal with the emotional rigours of being a paramedic? Have you developed coping mechanisms?

You didn't have the best background academically, but where you're going is often just as (if not more) important than where you were. Explain how you have progressed as a person and are taking steps to overcome your less than ideal academic past. Turn everything into a positive; the mistakes you made growing up are only as negative as the lessons you didn't learn from them.

Hope that helps a bit.

kylieann Mon 11-Mar-13 12:06:40

Hi Andro, thanks for that! that helps massively!...thank you thank you thank you smile theres a lot that you have put there that i probably wouldnt have included or if i wanted to then i probably wouldnt have known the best way to put in it so that helps a lot x

Andro Mon 11-Mar-13 12:08:50

Good luck with your application.

kylieann Mon 11-Mar-13 12:25:47

thank you smile

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