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Barclays competency based interview - help!!!

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sapphirestar Mon 11-Mar-13 11:34:39

Just that really, I have an interview with Barclays on Thursday and I am ridiculously nervous. I had a telephone interview with another bank a few weeks ago that I thought I was well prepared for but it was awful and I didn't pass, which really knocked my confidence.

They've told me 4 competencies I'm going to be assessed on;
1) Communicate well and make relationships work
2) Drive commercial success
3) Drive service excellence
4) Make informed decisions

The second one is the one I'm most worried about, haven't worked in a bank before so no idea what the questions will be, it says understand fundamental financial principals, know what's going on in local marketplace, able to use financial/market information to inform local plans and make commercial decisions.

Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated, really need to get better at this as being made redundant in 5 weeks! confused sad

sapphirestar Fri 15-Mar-13 15:37:02

Hi, there was one question for each competency, one was 'when did I set myself a challenge', 'when did I have two things to do at once within a set amount of time', 'when did I make a difference/extra mile type thing'. Sorry, can't remember the commercial success one but it was nowhere near as scary as it sounds! Will post if it comes back to me.
Mine was just with the branch manager, and just questions, no roleplays. Bit of an informal chat before and after, think he was trying to get a sense of what i'm like. He asked what my motivation was, and what had brought me to the Barclays interview.
Don't be too nervous, but a few nerves are good, it shows you care!
I've been glued to my phone and email all day! Although part of me is thinking if it was good news I might have heard by now sad

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 15-Mar-13 18:33:02

Any news <hopeful>

sapphirestar Fri 15-Mar-13 21:03:11

Not yet, think it'll probably be Monday now. Was quite positive this morning, now I'm thinking that no news is maybe not good news. Really really want that not to be true though...

kay126 Fri 15-Mar-13 21:14:48

thanks for the reply! i hope you hear back soon! ive been told outcomes are delivered within 5 business days so plenty of time yet..

may i ask how long your interview was overall? x

sapphirestar Fri 15-Mar-13 21:35:47

Yeah that's what my email said, but he said today or Monday, still crossing fingers. My other question was 'tell me about a time you had to work as part of a team', so one of the three I posted above must have been the commercial success one. Maybe the 2nd or 3rd one.
See what I mean about them not being scary though? None of those scream commercial success, they're just normal questions.
Whole thing was about an hour, but didn't feel that long, it went really quick!
Thanks, just wish I didn't have to wonder all weekend now!

kay126 Sat 16-Mar-13 16:04:22

make sure you let us know the outcome, got my fingers crossed for you!

sapphirestar Sat 16-Mar-13 18:32:40

I will, thank you! I have everything crossed, going to be so gutted if I don't get it, plus I'm finishing my current job a week on thursday so am already getting a bit emotional over having to leave

sapphirestar Mon 18-Mar-13 16:12:01

Just been on my barclays job homepage and it says Submission Status - completed 18/03/13. Completed?! What does that mean??!! Doesn't sound good though, if I'd got it wouldn't it say something like Position Offered?

Rung the recruitment team and the lady I spoke to didn't know what it means either! She's getting someone to call back. Just tell me if I got the damn job or not, the stress is killing me!

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 18-Mar-13 17:50:07

Everything crossed!

pepperrabbit Mon 18-Mar-13 17:56:24

How frustrating - can you contact the manager who interviewed you tomorrow if recruitment can't help?

sapphirestar Mon 18-Mar-13 18:49:53

He told me that he lets the recruitment team know his decision and they get in touch so I'm guessing he'd just bounce me back to them. I can't seem to find a direct email address for him and don't want to ring and seem like I'm nagging.
Officially it's 5 working days, I just wish he hadn't said Friday or Monday. Otherwise I'd only start expecting to hear from maybe tomorrow!

sapphirestar Tue 19-Mar-13 20:46:22

Barclays called today. Good news and bad news. She said I'd done well in the interview and passed, but another candidate scored slightly higher so they got the job.
Because I did well they are benchmarking me for other roles that may come up in the area, she said it's a two way partnership - they expect me to keep looking too.
Had a horrible interview for another job today, so it's looking like I'm going to be unemployed pretty soon sad Pretty gutted tbh.
Part of the credit must go to posters on this thread for helping me prepare and ultimately do so well so wine and thanks all round!
Thank you all x

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 19-Mar-13 21:55:38

You did well so that's brilliant - keep going and you will get something soon!

sapphirestar Tue 19-Mar-13 22:07:19

Thanks Ken, I hope you're right. Think I'm going to go to bed, have a little cry and sleep it off! So had enough of today!

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 19-Mar-13 22:33:22

If you need our help you know where we are flowers

sapphirestar Wed 20-Mar-13 16:22:07

Got another interview with a different bank on tues now! That happened really quick, I only applied on Monday!

KB02 Wed 20-Mar-13 16:31:47

All that prep. and the experience of the interview will definitely help you with subsequent interviews, especially the bank one coming up.

KB02 Wed 20-Mar-13 16:32:45

Good luck flowers

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 20-Mar-13 19:04:24

Come on sapphirestar!!

sapphirestar Wed 20-Mar-13 19:27:32

Thanks, another few days of anxiety, homework and stressing!

Reyna01 Sun 30-Jun-13 19:54:59

Hiya sapphirestar you there really need your help I have an interview with Barclays tomorrow same competences . You there ?

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