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How do I say no if am looking around for another job?

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Jayne266 Sat 09-Mar-13 04:05:45

My boss has asked me to take on extra responsibility from work and if I say yes it's a 2 year commitment.
But am not happy where I work and I am currently looking for another job. How can I say no ?
Nb I am the only person qualified to take on these extra responsibilities so I know I am going to get some attitude or poss just get told I am doing it.

middleeasternpromise Sat 09-Mar-13 05:21:39

Are you being asked or being told? If its the latter not much you can do about it - boss knows you have an employment contract with a notice period and they can only expect you to be at work for x weeks if you hand in your notice. He/she will just have to employ someone to replace you with same qualifications. If you are being asked and this is an offer to discuss 'shared business decisions' you should be honest that you cannot guarantee to stay for 2 years and so ask what is boss's plan if you move on? life changes and alll that ...

Jayne266 Sat 09-Mar-13 05:28:50

See I would love to say that but I was told never to give a employer a doubt you are not fully committed. I will be asked but I have heard from other members of staff (while I was away) that I am going to get told to do it if I say no. (my work is very much like this unfortunately)

Mondrian Sat 09-Mar-13 06:13:15

Have you considered sharing your unhappiness with your boss? Sometimes we (employers) take staff for granted and in some cases would be willing to change things to keep them, or is it a case of barking up the wrong tree?

MarjorieAntrobus Sat 09-Mar-13 06:23:23

I don't quite understand. Is this 2-year commitment a promotion, with increased pay? Or are you just being loaded with more responsibility without a rise?

Anyway, whichever it is, you say that the boss will just expect you to do it.

So, take on the new role, but carry on jobhunting.

You are only committed for as long as the length of your notice period.

bunchofposy Sun 10-Mar-13 19:44:47

I agree with Marjorie - take the extra responsibility, then leave if you do find a new job. Being able to say that you have recently been given extra responsibility may impress interviewers and help you get one!

ChoudeBruxelles Sun 10-Mar-13 19:46:09

I don't understand why you would have to stay for 2 years?

bran Sun 10-Mar-13 19:56:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OnGoldenPond Mon 11-Mar-13 09:06:26

Are you being asked to take training which you would be asked to repay if you leave within two years? if so, make sure you refuse to sign anything leaving you with this liability as it is not your choice. Say you are willing to do the training if they require it, but not to be responsible for the cost.

Otherwise, you cannot be forced into being tied to this company for longer than your contractual notice period.

Crinkle77 Mon 11-Mar-13 18:13:23

When you say a 2 year committment what does it mean. Are you going to be tied in to a contract?

Jayne266 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:39:32

It basically means people will be hired for me to train up which takes 2 years.

OnGoldenPond Tue 12-Mar-13 16:02:47

Oh in that case don't worry about it, if you leave they will just have to recruit someone else with the skills to train staff. Shouldn't be that hard, honestly.

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