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performance issues

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worldbookday Thu 14-Mar-13 02:31:14


update on this is that I spoke to some lovely people and they suggested getting the union in. Turns out this is a formal capability review and they haven't really communicated this properly.

They felt the review tasks were for a junior level and were unhelpful in getting me on track at my intended level. Also that they were very closely spaced and included a lot of work.
Dreaded meeting is Friday.

The main thing coming out I think is that I am expected to spend a lot of time carrying out tasks on projects which are not in fact in my forward job plan at all but take up so much time that there isn't any time for what is in my plan.

Thanks, especially for comments on capability review and that the meeting is meant to be about solutions.

Zavi Fri 08-Mar-13 12:34:18

You need to look at your company's performance review policy - especially capability (as opposed to conduct)

I'm not certain but I would have thought that, if this is a formal performance review hearing (and if HR are getting involved, that suggests it is, then you would be entitled to take someone along with you to this meeting. Not necessarily a trade union rep (although it can be), it can just be someone (from within the company) of your own choosing to support you.

I think what you must establish first off - from your manager - is whether or not this is a formal Performance review meeting, and why HR are involved.

It is your manager's responsibility to ensure that he protects your employment rights. Most managers are very, very careful to do things exactly by the book. They open them selves open to charges of unfair dismissal / constructive dismissal otherwise.

Don't be afraid to reschedule the date of the meeting if you need to. It's perfectly acceptable for you to be given a reasonable amount of time to prepare yourself ahead of such an important meeting.

FadBook Fri 08-Mar-13 07:22:00

Didn't want your post to go unanswered but just doing breakfast for dd so maybe a haphazard post smile

I would prepare yourself for the meeting by speaking to your line manager about it before hand to ask the purpose of it. I would also request a copy of your job description too, and review what you are doing within that description and what isn't listed (ie menial tasks).

Whilst the meeting sounds scary as HR are being invited in, this is an opportunity for you to say how you feel about what is happening and the comments your boss has been making. If menial tasks are being completed by you, and you are senior management- is that value for money for the organisation? Probably not. Your time and expertise could be put somewhere else.

It could be that, over time your role has altered and they need you to take on other things (the menial tasks) but haven't communicated this properly to you. It may be that they are not aware you are working additional hours outside of your contract.

Ultimately, they see a problem (whether that is performance issue or not, it is unclear) and the meeting should be about solutions.

If it is a performance meeting, it sounds fairly informal at this stage (even with HR there) as it isn't a disciplinary meeting (you would have been formally invited in, something they'd struggle to do if you have never had a meeting prior to it to notify you of any performance issues).

When is the meeting?

worldbookday Thu 07-Mar-13 23:21:31

Am part time 30 hours a week. Boss has been slowly getting on my case more and more and then decided to meticulously plan my tasks. He seems to specifically choose things he knows I may have trouble with and overloads me with fairly menial tasks (I have a leadership position but am expected to do all the work).
He now keeps citing vague performance issues and telling me I am not doing enough. I am PT, but work all evenings except Fridays and sometimes wake up in the night and attempt to cover the work.
He is now calling in HR for a meeting.
HELP! Where should I go from here?

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