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running a web shop - salary?

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lilacmamacat Wed 06-Mar-13 13:46:20

Hi. I work part-time in a shop which is about to close. The owner would like to transfer to selling on-line and has asked me if I would set up and run the web shop for him. I am graphics and computer savvy, and have a blog but no experience at on-line selling. My feeling is that it will be pretty straight forward, although initially time consuming (cataloguing and photographing stock, sorting out layout of web pages etc), but that I am capable of doing it.

Obviously this is a more specialist job than being a sales assistant so I feel that my hourly rate should increase, but I don't know what people earn in this sort of job. If anyone can give me some guidance on what I should be asking for I'd be really grateful. Also, if you run a webshop, how much do you pay yourself? Ball park figures will do fine.


zumo Thu 07-Mar-13 06:56:22

I would pay you the same rate but also a percentage of the profits as it would be a good incentive to make it work well

lilacmamacat Tue 12-Mar-13 21:03:32

There are a couple of factors (out of my control) that would make that quite risky for me, so I'm trying to avoid that if possible.

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