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how much of a career suicide would this be?

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drivingmisspotty Wed 06-Mar-13 01:35:46

Lying awake worrying about returning to work and after your opinions please
I'm currently on mat leave with dc2 I went back to work full time after dc1 for financial reasons. I was hoping to go back part time after this one but a great opportunity came up within my organisation. Fa b experience and really interesting role in a better location but full time. I was successful in getting this and accepted verbally but haven't signed the contract yet.

Obviously I thought before about the implications of full time but now it suddenly seems more real and I'm thinking my kids actually need me mire than I will be around.

So, how much of a career suicide would it be to pull out now? I have built up a good reputation at this organisation and I do love it and the work. I don't want to throw all that away.


TheSmallerPenguin Wed 06-Mar-13 01:45:04

I think you need to be honest with them. Discuss your concerns and find out if less than full time in the new role is an option. If its not, and you really aren't committed, apologise and pull out.

That is far less suicidal than starting it and either pulling out shortly afterwards or doing a bad job because your heart isn't in it. You really don't want to be going down either of those paths.

drivingmisspotty Wed 06-Mar-13 17:58:57

Thank you for replying and in the night too - ds woke up for a feed just before you replied so I missed it at the time. I think you make a good point, probably need to have a chat with them but pretty certain pt won't be possible.

Thanks again

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