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What do I tell them...?

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boxoftricks Fri 01-Mar-13 09:26:24

I'm currently in talks with a company (A) about joining them. If they'd offered me a start date last week, I'd jump on it. However between the horsemeat scandal and people being on annual leave, there have been a few delays. I'm meeting with them again today to discuss potential sites of work.

However. An agency has just set me up to be in talks with company (B). Only coffee at the moment, but likely to be a position that I'd only get after working in (A) for a year or two.
Both the same industry.
I don't currently have any urgency money-wise to hurry and accept somewhere, and I now I'm lucky.

So my question is- Do I tell (A) about (B)? I DO want to see what B have got to offer me. So if A offered me a date today, I would have to put it off.

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