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Interview for Health Visitor post on Wednesday!!

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ohcluttergotme Sat 16-Feb-13 16:04:36

Quick bit of background....qualified as HV Sept 2011, applied for post, only 3 at the time and I didn't get one. Went back to my seconded post in camhs and didn't apply for any more posts!

Now 17 months later a post has came up that fits in with everything to do with me and my family and I have applied and have interview on Wednesday...(terrified and nervous emotions)!!

I've been reading and printing stuff for the last couple of weeks but the more I read the more I find to read and print and starting to feel a bit overwhelmed!

Was wondering if anyone out there can advise on what i should be reading and preparing for interview. I live in Scotland so have printed off lot's relating to GIRFEC.

Any help at all very appreciated as think i am going off all different directions and need some focus!!

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