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Passed over for promotion due to pregnancy

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twirliedobbit Thu 14-Feb-13 12:39:51

Right so am pretty sure that their excuses of "it's just bad timing" and "you can start you training when you return from mat leave" (not sue to start until July) are against some sort of equal rights (they are promoting another girl who has been in the company 4 years less than me and knows far less than the job then me)
Question is do I fight to get the training now securing my role for my return or let it go and accept that I am going to have an easy 4 and half months with not much of a role as they hand my current stuff over to someone else?
Its a small company, so if I fight I am also likely to upset. There is no HR department, I would have to complain to my manager/the MD of the company.
Any help greatly received.

Snowfedup Thu 14-Feb-13 12:45:38

Hi really not sure about legal stuff but this happened in my workplace in reverse - 3 girls were encouraged to interview for a promotion it was given to the girl who was pregnant this caused huge resentment in other 2 girls who were then asked to cover the promotion during her maternity leave (both turned it down an in fact left to work elsewhere !)

The girl given the promotion ended up taking a career break and resigned from higher grade as was too much work with baby !

Must be very difficult for employers in this position !

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