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Maternity pay issue

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Tweet2tweet Wed 13-Feb-13 19:50:08

Hi there
I wonder if anyone can offer some advice. I notified my employer of when I intend to start my maternity leave and chose the best scheme out of two options. Just got confirmation through and start mat leave in April.

However today found out that they have changed the scheme without notification which results in the other option available being better for me. As I haven't started maternity leave does anyone know if I am within my rights to ask to go on the other scheme?

Spoke with HR and they were not helpful at all and didn't seem to know the answer. Time isn't on my side so I want to get this sorts. Any tips on this would be very much appreciated.


Ellypoo Thu 14-Feb-13 14:35:36

I guess it depends on what is written into your contract/the policy.

I guess I would speak to your manager and see what they say, then put it in writing to your manager & HR - if HR don't know the policy, but your manager ok's the change, then just put your intentions in writing and see what happens.

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