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Internal moves

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Tasmania Sat 09-Feb-13 19:32:09

What do you mean you can't apply? Why?

What stops you from applying, and why would it be "blocked" again?

I can understand it was previously blocked - because really, you didn't apply, and you didn't even realize it was appening behind your back.

But if you do it the official route, you should stand as good a chance as any?

Unless, of course, the powers that be already have someone else in mind for the job, and that ad is just a policy thing.

idococktailshedoesbeer Sat 09-Feb-13 15:45:56

I recently found out when my previous manager was moved within our organisation he tried to take me with him but wasn't allowed to do so.

I discovered this because I heard rumours there was a job going in his department (which competes with mine) and asked him on the quiet. He said he'd hire me tomorrow but explained about not being allowed when he first took up his post. The new package is worth £25k more so the job is a promotion in my eyes (although my job title wouldn't change) and I don't think it's fair I can't apply.

My previous manager has managed to persuade everyone up to the MD about me moving now, so I just have to keep everything crossed. But I've an awful feeling it's going to be blocked again. I'm really unhappy where I am and I'm upset at finding out I've had to spend months not progressing because of not being allowed to move the first time.

Just wondered if this kind of thing goes on all the time?

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