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At risk of redundancy - why can't I opt out of consultation and be paid off?

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DunderMifflin Thu 07-Feb-13 19:15:08

I'm going to look at both job specs tomorrow - fingers crossed for vr - they really are v different and I wouldn't be doing anyone any favours if I got one...

Thanks everyone for responding.

CheddarGorgeous Thu 07-Feb-13 17:59:54

I do sympathise but the specific tasks are not necessarily that important.

E.g. "encouraging staff to save water" could = "internal comms".

Work experience placements could = recruitment, job profiling, training and development.

You need to look at the job and person specification of your role and the new role side by side to understand whether they are a close enough match.

AndBingoWasHisNameOh Thu 07-Feb-13 17:07:01

But your OP suggests that you could go for VR?

DunderMifflin Thu 07-Feb-13 16:55:26

Hi - sorry fell asleep really early last night...

I work for a famous brand and so need to be careful but here's the best example (facts changed) I can come up with for my role without giving too much away;

I work in the HR department - my role is the only one that covers activities such as encouraging staff to save water and finding placements within the company for work experience students. Basically a unique fluffy role in a non-fluffy organisation.

Because I work in the HR department I am being offered other HR roles, even though I don't have this experience or similarity to my current role. My argument is that the roles offered aren't a suitable match and I would like to take VR.

NorthernLurker Wed 06-Feb-13 22:15:19

From your employere's pov - why should they pay you an enhanced package of redudancy when they have roles you can do?

flowery Wed 06-Feb-13 22:10:09

So you want voluntary redundancy? Have you asked what the terms are?

If you have good reason to believe the job on offer is not suitable, you can say so, and if that is the case, you are not obliged to take it and assuming there is no role that is suitable, will be entitled to redundancy.

I'm not clear from your post whether you are being told you have to accept a job which is not suitable, or you are cross about it, don't want to take a job that is technically suitable and want to be paid off instead, even though there is no reason for your employer to do so.

Obviously they will keep you employed if possible, and it sounds as though they are keen to do so. I would suggest pushing a bit harder for voluntary redundancy terms if you are very keen to go now.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Wed 06-Feb-13 20:18:00

The role, not the person, is made redundant which is why you are matched into another one. If you want to leave you could be considered to have resigned, not taking voluntary redundancy.

The new role needs to be a 70% match of skills/tasks to be considered appropriate, you should have a detailed job description to demonstrate this.

The fact that you are pissed off and don't want to go back is understandable, but doesn't have any bearing on the process. The fact that you have had excellent reviews means that they will want to keep you on and get rid of the poorer performing staff in the same job pool.

DunderMifflin Wed 06-Feb-13 19:47:28


DunderMifflin Wed 06-Feb-13 19:13:26

We were told before Christmas that an organisation restructure was coming and that we'd hear in the new year how this would affect us. Despite an excellent review and my work being put into the public doman (company's website, etc) I was told on Friday afternoon that my role was one of the ones being displaced. I was also told that I would get first dibs on a pool of jobs that they believe best matched my skills.

I disagree about the alternative roles - I have neither the qualifications, experience or desire to do them. I have said I won't be putting my name into the frame for them and enquired about leaving asap. I was told this wouldn't be possible unless I went for voluntary redundancy and the terms of these weren't favourable (I don't know what they are).

I haven't been told what my redundancy entitlement is (there's some confusion over whether I get one month per year or one week - I've 7yrs continuous service). I currently work for a supplier (approx 50% of staff within my organisation are with the same supplier) and everyone else is employed directly by the company - those people's whose roles are safe and currently work for the supplier and going to moved across to the organisation's headcount.

I am royally miffed that I am expected to continue going to work and supporting the rest of my department with work that isn't part of my core (no longer existant) role - ideally I would not set foot within the building again. As I've said I'm not going to apply for the jobs, why can't they put me out of my misery and come to an agreement?

Thanks for reading...

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