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Bit of reassurance- been signed off work and anxious how they will view it

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Tweet2tweet Sat 02-Feb-13 21:44:35

Ps- I should add that my boss is really great and I think I have a really good relationship with them

Tweet2tweet Sat 02-Feb-13 21:38:37

Hi there

I'm in later stages of pregnancy and have just been diagnosed with fever, respiratory infection and uti. Am on medication and gp signed me off for 1 wk.

I have never been signed off before and in last 3 years have had about 5 days in total off sick.

I'm just a bit anxious as couldn't get hold of my boss. Had to leave a message with PA and sent follow up email detailing all tasks meeting I would need to send my apologies for.

PA was less than sympathetic and haven't heard anything back from boss.

Have currently put in some big proposals that had full backing and may result in my getting a little bit more recognition. So this is all such bad timing.

Do your think they may consider me unreliable and/ or reconsider their backing recognition etc.

I'm such a worrier so perhaps my situation sounds a bit if a non- event but any tips/ opinions/ advice would be greatly received.

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