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Childcare Vouchers during Maternity Leave?

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SeeYouSoon Fri 01-Feb-13 09:34:11

Hi, I currently claim the full allowance of childcare vouchers, I am starting mat leave in a couple of months, and my HR department have just said they do not believe I can continue to claim these while on Mat Leave ( I just get standard SMP). I am sure I have read on here that you are entitled to still claim these, please can someone point me in the direction of something to give to HR to prove this?

BobH Fri 22-Mar-13 10:58:49

Its apalling that some employers can simply refuse to do the right thing. My wife works for a large corporate employer in financial Services. They stopped the £243 vouchers when she went on Maternity Leave. I told my my employer's HR and they were surprised. Another friend in HR is similarly shocked. Next, I phoned the voucher supplier, who told me that the vast majority of employers continue with the vouchers during Maternity Leave. They were aware of the few who don't, but felt no-one could force them to change their policy. Of course, we could take them to a tribunal, but who has the time or the energy to do this when they have a young family?

We feel powerless in the face of an unfair system.

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