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Anyone know what needs to be considered if I work for DHs company?

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Samnella Sun 27-Jan-13 23:28:59

DH is self employed but works by contract and doesn't employ anyone else. He has to do his own books and some associated admin which he is thinking of paying me to do. This has come about as recently I have found working almost F/T out of the home and balancing school/house stuff etc really hard going. DH works an hour away from home and fairly long hours so I have somehow ended up doing 99% of the home and school related stuff as well as holding down a 30 hour week job (I start and finish early and its local hence why I am the one who is around more to do everything).

We can afford the drop in my salary so that's not the issue.

I have some issues with it though. The first is we would then be solely relying on DHs ability to work whereas now even though my salary is not great it would at least put food on our table and pay the basic bills. In reality I wouldn't expect working for DH to take much more than a few hours a week so I would pretty much be a SAHM with school aged children. I was a SAHM when they were younger and hated it so I doubt would enjoy it more now they are not around. I would have to be doing something constructive with my time.

I am struggling at the moment with the work-life balance (or lack of) and am tempted to just go for it as a solution but there is something telling me not to. I think I fear my loss of independence. Anyone got any views or experience?

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