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Paying back an overpayment while on maternity pay.

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Oodsigma Sun 27-Jan-13 18:08:26

I'm currently paying back a salary overpayment don't get me started on how much they screwed up to over pay me and am paying £100 a month. I start maternity leave in 3 weeks and am currently awaiting a breakdown of how much I'll earn whilst off which I asked for ages ago and I was wondering if the overpayment was something they weren't allowed to claim from my maternity pay?

I know I had to pay my pension when I returned last time as they couldn't take that.

Also I get a car allowance and last time I got paid it but they've added loads of new rules regarding that now. I have received it whilst of sick and when I've not done the 'official' amount of miles as they are up to the managers discretion but there's no mention of mat leave in the rules. So would this count as a employee benefit?

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