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On maternity leave and suitable vacancies

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2013letsdothis Fri 25-Jan-13 00:10:38

Thanks a lot Red. Does it make any difference at all that the new roles require up to 50% travel whereas the old roles had not more than 10% travel included in the job description (and I have never effectively travelled more than aprox 5% during the past couple of years)?

Thanks again!

redandwhitesprinkles Thu 24-Jan-13 23:49:41

Sorry just re read your post. Being on maternity leave doesn't kick in, in this case, to put you ahead of your colleagues as you are all keeping your jobs. If there were 4 jobs and 3 people you would keep your job. The higher level job is irrelevant and doesn't come in to play and it doesn't sound like they want you for that post-sorry.

redandwhitesprinkles Thu 24-Jan-13 23:46:24

They only have to have you if they want you. You are only entitled to job of the same level.

You are entitled to apply for it.

Not really sure how 'technical' redundancy works as you can only be made redundant if your post no longer exists ( even under a different name).

2013letsdothis Thu 24-Jan-13 23:40:41

Just quickly read on this link : ^It is important to note that an employee on maternity leave has a right to be offered any suitable alternative vacancies that exist. ^

So, does that mean they should be offering me both positions (new role and more senior available role) as I have the skills and meet the requirements for both jobs?

2013letsdothis Thu 24-Jan-13 23:18:19

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone can help.... I'm currently on maternity leave and will be returning to work next May. My department is going under consultation as our current roles are changing. Luckily there is no reduction on head count so no one is losing their job, however as the roles are changing we are all under 'technical redundancy' and have been offered each of us a role in the new department.

Now, there's currently another vacancy in the company, a more senior role, in an altogether different department but to which my skill set and experience match the requirements of the role to a t. I enquired whether, being on maternity leave, I would have right to first refusal to that position too without the need for an interview, in addition to the new roles they are offering to all of us, but HR just emailed saying the more senior role is not considered suitable, with no further explanation.

My question is, can they deem a vacancy not suitable because it is a more senior role than my current one, even though I meet (actually, I exceed) every single of the requirements included in the job description? The job has been advertised since last summer and the person in charge of that team has met several candidates, but they never offered the position to anyone. My guess is that they are being very picky.....

Thanks a lot for reading so far!

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