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Multiple adjournments in Employment Tribunals

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BadMissM Thu 24-Jan-13 15:10:31

Anyone any experience of this? Mine has taken so long.... June-November for first Case Hearing, then until next July for first ten days. Was due to come back October, then was adjourned with five days notice to 'somewhere between November and March', was given beginning of February, just psyching self up for thast and.. less than ten days before, adjourned again to 'somewhere between March and July'. Problem being, am now pregnant...due in July....

Brugmansia Sun 27-Jan-13 11:13:32

It's not uncommon to have adjournments and delays. It partly depends on which regional tribunal your case is in. Some are better than others in terms of efficiency and admin. 10 days is pretty long for a hearing though and will make it harder for the tribunal to find a slot.

BadMissM Sun 27-Jan-13 18:50:20

It's been going on since 2011... The case length was of course up to Judge, though coming back due to ex-employers faffing about in court. Court not intersted in fact am pregnant though, and seem to want precise date for birth (hahaha)...

I already have health issues that make sitting in court hard, doing it 8 months pregnant with no pain relief, not fun....

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