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Can they make a post redundant based on the job description....

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MarketingMonkey Thu 24-Jan-13 08:26:14

....even if that is not reflective of what the person does? (This hasn't happened to me btw but wondering if it could?)

Long version of the above: I have just found out I am pregnant and when I go on maternity would coincide with the head of department also leaving. Originally my job was a fixed term contract to deliver a project and my job description (and to some extent job title) are reflective of this.

The job and the department's priorities have changed a lot since I started and my post has now been made permanent. However, in order to get this done quickly, it was done based on the current job description. My concern is that a new head of department looking at my job description (potentially after I am on maternity as they are not great at recruiting quickly to posts here) would decide (legitimately as the project is now complete) that they no longer need anyone to do a lot of the tasks on my job description. They would however have a much weaker argument to say that they don't need anyone to do what I actually do iyswim!

I obviously have emails and notes etc which prove the work that I actually do but nothing formal to say that is my job - should I be pushing to get a more reflective job description?

meditrina Thu 24-Jan-13 08:33:37

Yes they can, as it's the only documented version of what the job is. That's why keeping your job description up to date is so important (as well as ensuring that in appraisals etc you are assessed for what you actually contribute not only part of it).

My advice here would be to schedule a meeting with your new manager asap to update the job description to reflect the role properly. As you have evidence of what the post really encompasses, it should be straightforward to demonstrate what needs to be added.

MarketingMonkey Thu 24-Jan-13 08:40:20

Thanks meditrina. I'll speak to my manager when I tell them I'm pregnant and get this sorted before they leave.

Thanks again for the advice.

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