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Want to give up nursing

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ohcluttergotme Wed 23-Jan-13 15:31:51

I've worked as a nurse in child & adolescent mental health for the last 7 years & qualified as children's, mental health nurse & health visitor. I have a fairly decent job & work 22 hours but I am so fed up!
My job is stressful & I just want a job that's a bit more stress free. I have a teenage dd & toddler ds so life feels stressful enough.
Has anyone out there quit nursing & really glad they did.
I'm not really sure at 34 what else I can do.
Would lie my own business but not sure at the moment that this could be possible.

BlackandGold Wed 23-Jan-13 19:02:05

I quit nursing many years ago, having been a Ward Sister and then a District Nurse

I now work in the disabled students section of a university but before this I did clinical pharmacology work in Stage 1 Clinical Trials.

Have you thought about doing Mentoring work with local students? Or do you have something in mind to start your own business?

ohcluttergotme Wed 23-Jan-13 19:30:33

Thanks blackandgold how would you get into mentoring? Sounds like something worth looking into. I love the idea of having my own shop selling pottery, crafts, cards, gifts & the like. It's just an idea & not sure if it would ever be possible unless I won the lotto! smile

BlackandGold Wed 23-Jan-13 22:34:39

I think the Mentoring might have links to counselling so it would be worth checking out that sort of area.

Maybe a chat with a local mental health charity would be a good starting place or a Disability Officer at a local university - all universities have them.

One thing can lead to another so best of luck!

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