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Does this sound right to you?

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IWorshipSatin Wed 23-Jan-13 09:56:34

When I returned from mat leave back in July I found that my job had changed beyond all recognition (due to mergers, new management etc.). The 2 major things I did had been given to other people and I never got them back. So I sort of had to create my own role again, anyway I sucked it up and started doing different things that I could see needed doing (I'll call them X and Y).

Then I got another new boss so I told him what I was doing and that was all fine, X and Y became my objectives. My boss decided to expand the empire and found there was a woman out 'in the business' already doing X for other teams but she wasn't being 'controlled' and he wasn't happy about this so he brought her into our team. Suddenly X was HER objective and she is being set work only on X whilst I get no X at all. Nobody has talked to me about this, nor have I been actually assessed on my skills on X as to whether I am more skilled than her at it. This woman refuses to do anything else other than X and even when we have been on training for Z and W she claims to not understand and only wants to do X.

So now I'm left doing a bit of W, Y and Z which are all, basically, rubbish jobs that I hate and don't fill my time. I really enjoyed doing X and I'm angry that it's just been taken off me without anyone even talking to me about it, when I was 'good enough' to do it before. The woman doing X sits next to me and it's winding me up watching her doing it (and often complaining about it!) when it should be me.

The second issue is that my boss expanded his empire so much that he could no longer cope with so many direct reports so he made 2 members of the team our line managers (this was basically done on a 'if you want to do it then please see me', rather than any sort of assessment on whether these people would make good line managers). The person I was given as a line manager was a woman who has bullied me for the past 4 years and so, feeling brave, I spoke up and said I did not want this woman managing my career but I would be happy for anyone else to do it. I was given the other person who I know for a fact had specific sights on managing a particular group of people who she had a problem with (she openly said she wanted to 'reign them in'). These people ALSO kicked up a fuss and everyone got switched around so I am now being 'managed' by someone who didn't particularly want to be a line manager, she just wanted to 'reign in' a certain group of people. I haven't had a single formal meeting with my new manager who has been AWOL since November working on a project. Last week she asked if we could go for an 'informal' coffee (making it clear she didn't want it to be a personnel type meeting - we are sort of friends as well) so I took the chance and told her about my first issue and she couldn't have cared less. I don't know where to go from here... should I speak to the over-riding boss (the one who expanded the empire) or do I just suck it up YET AGAIN and find more work to do.

I don't think I've been treated very fairly through all this but I don't know if I'm just being precious and protective about X because I enjoyed it and thought I was good at it.

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