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Please help me with my application form for school receptionist

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tanfastic Sat 19-Jan-13 14:14:13

Afternoon all smile
This is the first job i've applied for in nearly fourteen years so feel a bit like a fish out of water.

I'm currently a senior partner's secretary for a law firm but because of all the legal aid cuts, no wage rise in 8 years, generally feeling demotivated and despondent and going into work every week even wondering if i'm going to get paid at the end of it, I am starting to look round. I want to get out of legal. I like where I work (been there 14 years) but i'm in a rut.

I've seen a job advertised that I know I could do standing on my head but it's a government job in a primary school with a standardised application form of the type that i've never filled in before. I've always worked in the private sector, just sent in my CV and interviews have always been really informal.

I know there will be hundreds applying for this job. A new school is opening and they need a receptionist/administrator. It's term time (massively appealing), it doesn't sound like it's anywhere near as stressful or demanding as my job is and the money is slightly less but I really I really like the sound of it.

Can anybody give me any tips on what to put in the supporting information, skills knowledge and experience, there is just a big gap at the minute of two A4 pages! Says you have to give examples of how you match the requirements of the job. I'm really rubbish at wording these things.Can anyone help?

BoBoo Sat 19-Jan-13 21:53:33

They will be shortlisting according to the selection criteria, so it's vital that you spell out how you match this - this is the skills/experience they ask for (probably at the end).

Get your CV and a pad of paper - put each skill they are looking for at the top of a page and then work out how you can show you have it. E.g, IT skills - lists all the packages you can use, specify comfortable with new systems, pick up easily. If it's a supporting statement you need to write, then you can just go through and list how you can meet them all. It all depends on what they're asking for and you need to give examples of how you've done that. Examples, examples, examples. It sucks, but you need to show them you can do it stsanding on your head.

Hope this makes sense. Message me if you want to tell me what they're asking for and I can try and offer some more specific advice.

tanfastic Sun 20-Jan-13 15:05:09

Thank you very much for your response. It's a bit quiet in here isn't it!

There is a job description which I assume is the same as a person specification. it has two headings which say responsibilities and then a list of key duties and then a section which says "Indicative knowledge, skills and experience" and it lists four things.

So I assume I just have to cover all of it do I? Can this be typed out or do they prefer handwritten?

Also, I run a small business which fits very nicely around my current job (It's an internet based shop where I get three or four sales a week so not a lot of work involved) but I wasn't sure whether to mention this in the application - do you think they might think i've bigger fish to fry? Shall I just keep quiet about that and concentrate on my day job which is more relevant to the job i'm applying for?

Sorry for all the questions but i'm really struggling.

tanfastic Mon 21-Jan-13 11:18:09

I've made a start now and the words are flowing - can anyone tell me if it's okay to type my application as there won't be enough room on the form?

Anyone anymore tips especially those of you who work in a school?

I'm looking up safeguarding as I realise that is a big thing nowadays.

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