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Help! Applying for FT job

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RollerCola Sat 19-Jan-13 10:01:30

A great job has come up based just 5 mins from my home (unheard of! I've previously commuted up to 3hrs a day)

It's FT though & I've not worked FT hrs for over 10 yrs (kids are 10 & 6). I've gradually increased my hours over the years from 20 to 28 - I currently work 4 full days. It's fine in term-time but I've always struggled a bit for childcare in school holidays (especially summer) We muddle through at the moment but I'm worried that even one extra day a week would make it even more difficult. Dd is due to start high school in Sept as well so I'm already worried about that.

Anyone else work FT? What do you do in school hols?

OddBoots Sat 19-Jan-13 10:09:19

If you are working 5 days a week then you will be entitled to more annual leave so you might not find it much harder than your current situation, especially as the commute will be so much reduced.

Depending on the job could you work from home sometimes? Maybe if your employer is flexible you can work slightly longer days in the term time in order to work fewer hours in the holiday.

RollerCola Sat 19-Jan-13 10:48:39

True, it's just the unknown I suppose. I wouldn't really know how flexible they are until I apply. I think I'll update my cv while I'm thinking about it grin

solveproblem Sun 20-Jan-13 07:45:13

We both work FT and even if school holidays cause a little bit of a headache, it's really not too bad.

Between us we've got ten weeks of annual leave, with a couple of weeks overlapping so we can be off together that gives us 8 weeks of school holidays covered.

We've now got 5 weeks left of school holidays where we utilise MIL, my mum (who lives abroad but luckily is happy to fly over now and then), holiday clubs and CM.

I try to distribute these evenly throughout the year so we don't get a massive holiday club bill in one go. (Maybe one day of spring half term holiday club, a couple of days Easter etc.)

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