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Management have really poor communication in my workplace and being part time makes is twice as bad for me.Advice appreciated.

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Mibby Sat 19-Jan-13 21:08:40

I work mon - thur, every decision seems to get made on a friday and by monday they forget to tell me angry

sensesworkingovertime Sat 19-Jan-13 16:31:05

thanks Mibby, i know what you mean. Where i work you could miss quite a vital piece of news just because you have nipped to loo - it never ceases to amaze (and frustrate) me!

Mibby Sat 19-Jan-13 16:22:50

I have something similar, any communication is always verbal, often via other people and i get forgotten if im not there. I wrote it on my aprasial and consantly ask for decisions in writing when i am there. I have ignored verbal messages about changes to procedure too, and cited lack of written info as the reason when challanged. Its constantly annoying

sensesworkingovertime Sat 19-Jan-13 16:16:07

thanks ophelia, will def raise it at my appraisal. I very much doubt i will get a regular 121 meeting with manager but thanks for idea. What i am going to ask for though is that in my absence I have a delegated person who makes sure communication gets to me.

OpheliaBumps Wed 16-Jan-13 22:59:40

Can you raise this with HR? If am also part time, and have raised similar issues with HR, as well as discussing them in my appraisal.

I have a regular 121 meeting with my managercto ensure I'm getting all comms, can you request this?

sensesworkingovertime Wed 16-Jan-13 19:58:40

Hi there, firstly there are about 3 or 4 people who would call themselves 'team leaders' and one overall 'teamleader' where I work but to be honest and blunt, they couldn't lead Jack to Shit. Pardon me, I'm usually quite a lady but I'm so bloody angry with them!

There is myself and a good handful of other people who are ignored when a lot of issues come up which really need to be communicated to everyone. There was a real biggie recently when there was a temporary (we think) significant change to who was our main manager while the original manager does some 'special project' Neither the original manager or the temp one chose to tell us what was going on. I asked one of the team leaders what was going on and she said we would be told in due course. It hasn't happened. We then find our certain colleagues know what's going on (always same chosen few) and even people in completely different departments!!

Apart from the shocking lack of communication there is a lot of bullying, whispering behind backs and back-biting and most of the time we are treated like school children. Some days I expect to be offered free milk and a story-time.

On the rare occassion when something has been communicated to my colleagues it is on a day when I don't work. However, am I sent a email or taken to one side by manager on my return? You guessed it - NO.

I am thinking of bringing up this issue when my appraisal comes up as I am sick of being ridden roughshod over. I have managed departments in previous jobs and I wouldn't dream of treating people like this. Any ideas/ experience/wisdom anyone? Thanks.

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