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NHS Consultation - Help with Individual Impact of proposal

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Clumsyoaf Thu 10-Jan-13 14:18:57


Can someone please try and help me - i have written and rewritten my individual impact statement and its driving me nuts.

This is what i currently have:

The proposed change to the location of my role as BBBBBBBBBBBB from XXXXXX (base) to YYYYYY (base) will have a very significant impact on my work life balance.The current location of this post was one of the original reasons I applied for this post. I have two young children; one is 4 and the other is nearly 2 they both attend a private day nursery.

I have been able to work full time as my mother in law and I are able to share the school/nursery pick ups and drop offs. I currently start work at 730am three days a week on which days I walk to work and my MIL drops of the children and leaves the car in the car park so that I can collect the children in the evening. My mother in law works very locally so is easily able to walk to work from my current base.

The proposed change of location would add at least a 1.5 hour car journey or 3 hour public transport journey to my working day. I would be restricted in the time I could start work as if driving I would need to drop off the children first and would also need to leave much earlier in order to collect both children at the end of each day. I currently have a good work life balance and am able to take my children to various extra curricular activities during the week which I wont be able to do if I have to increase my “at work time”

I have explored alternatives in terms of my childcare arrangements but have realised that I would need to decrease my working hours whilst increasing childcare costs.

Whilst I understand that there is a need to link in with the rest of the team, my job is predominately an autonomous role working in a clearly defined area. I have access to the Virtual Private Network so am able to log on to the network remotely and also have videoconferencing software enabled on my laptop. I would like consideration to be given for me to be given the flexibility to work remotely 4 days a week and attend the new office once a week when the whole team is in. I am prepared to be flexible on days.

Clumsyoaf Thu 10-Jan-13 14:19:22

Thank you in advance. i m rubbish at these sort of things....

Clumsyoaf Fri 11-Jan-13 08:52:49


Andro Fri 11-Jan-13 11:34:25

I would suggest looking at the 2nd paragraph again and giving it more...professional(?) feel.

As a manager I would not be interested in the details of who does what/when/how with respect to your childcare arrangements. What I would be interested in, within the context of the rest of your statement:-

1. The proximity of your current base to your home and family support networks makes childcare relatively uncomplicated.
2. You are able to work full time, with 3 early starts accommodating the arrangements you have in place.
3. The proposed move would make it impossible to continue your arrangements in their current form

Reconstructed to form the second paragraph, the rest seem pretty well put together. I especially like the last paragraph, you have clearly given thought to how you can continue your duties without disadvantaging your employer. That type of for-thought would resonate very well with me.

N.B this only my opinion! I don't work for the NHS and I don't know what procedures they have in place wrt work-life balance.

Clumsyoaf Fri 11-Jan-13 12:41:26

Thanks Andro - yes i can see how that does come across unprofesssional.... its tough to know how much and what to say!

Andro Fri 11-Jan-13 12:50:42

This kind of this is really tough! The really c* thing is that what resonates with one manager will do the opposite with another manager.

You sound very conscientious and dedicated, I wish you well getting this sorted to everyone's benefit smile

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