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Bullied by work colleague, sly tactics, stress levels high :(

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crushedintherush Sat 05-Jan-13 20:39:19

Please help, I need some advice about a work colleague who I feel is using sly tactics to discredit my work. It started 18 months ago when due to organisational changes, I and my colleagues had to re-apply for our jobs.

A few weeks after re-applying, I was informed by my then line manager that they were offering me redeployment.

She explained they took my previous/ present skills into account, and felt I'd be more suited to an alternative job role they were offering in a different dept. I had seen this particular job role advertised in the bulletin but I didn't apply for it because I didn't think I'd get it, so I was surprised when they offered it to me. A change is as good as the rest, I reasoned, so I accepted quite happily.

I had no idea that some of my colleagues had applied for that particular role, only to be turned down. Once people realised I was offered the job without actually applying for it, they felt that I had effectively stolen it from someone else.

One of the women who applied for the job, went to complain to the manager and was also offered a job in the dept I was starting in. Her friend had also applied but was turned down. So I ended up in this new dept with this woman who made it known to everybody else from day 1 that I had stolen her friends job and that I shouldn't be working there. As time went on, I thought she'd 'move on' from it, but she has continuously found little ways to make my life a misery, little things that only I can see, but nobody can't, finding fault with my work and just sitting there talking while I'm running round like an idiot trying to get everything done.

Her husband passed away 12 months ago. I felt sorry for her at the time and tried to make her working life easier for her but since then, she uses her 'sad eyes' and widowhood' status when I try to explain I need help myself.

I tried to tell my supervisor but it all came out wrong and I ended up sounding like I was being mean, and she hsn't spoken to me hardly since, like I'm a troublecauser. I'm ran into the ground totally stressed and I look it too, which my colleague takes great delight in telling me.

What can I do? I can't carry on sad

crushedintherush Mon 14-Jan-13 19:26:56

Sorry for not posting til now, things related to home came to the fore in the last couple of days but here's an update.

I was off with stress mon tues last week, wed was my day off anyway, so didn't go back to work til thurs. My colleague wasn't in thurs or friday, or today, so had a lovely 3 days in work, went in with head held high and felt better for it.

One of my colleagues asked how I was because
she heard from, guess who, that I was stressed with
my job and couldn't handle it, and that she was 'concerned' hmmm, yeah right. Think lovemynails, you
are right, it is a power struggle, proof enough with
what she said to my colleague.

I started the diary and just can't believe how much I wrote down..feeling much better since I started it, to be honest

Bettysuares, I am in Unison, but the charge nurse who
we both work very close to is the union rep for our hospital.....too close for comfort really. Just hope

she will do something to make him notice how she's
being, without my input..she's not in the union so I have a bit of oneupmanship there.

Raspberry, I'll consider talking to the managers too.

She is back in tomorrow but luckily I'm leaving early to claim some time back so not too bad. Will be
interesting to see if she mentions my 'stress' to me.

Watch this space...

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