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Should I mention it to my manager?

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CeciC Mon 17-Dec-12 12:59:24

Hello and thanks for your advice.
I did ask my manager about my position longer term. Unfortunately she couldn't say a lot, more than anything because even thought she would like for me to stay longer or more permanent, is not up to her to decide. She will ask her line manager. They company is going throught a lot of restructuring, so even the staff is need it, any new staff is on contract either with the company or through agencies (like me). I did mention to her about the other vacancy ( I know I shouldn't have, but sometimes I can't keep my mouth shut)) I don't know if it will go against me or not, well time will tell. Hopefully I'll know something soon.
Thanks one more for your advice.

housesalehelp Sun 16-Dec-12 22:03:46

sounds like the other job would be better anyway but I wouldn't mention it at this point either

Piffpaffpoff Sun 16-Dec-12 20:04:56

I wouldn't mention the other job just now, but it would be totally reasonable at your meeting to ask for clarity on the timescales relating to the temporary assignment and also what is happening to the position longer-term now that your colleague is not returning.

You have no idea what might be going on behind the scenes just now - they might be sorting out extending the assignment, or getting ready to advertise the role with you as the preferred candidate, and you talking about leaving might change things and not in your favour.

Sit tight on it for now. But apply for it (the new job) if you want to - nothing to lose!!

CeciC Sun 16-Dec-12 16:58:29

Ok, some background. I have been on a temporary assingment since middle of April. I am covering a position for someone covering a Maternity leave. Now, the person I was covering has left the company, so it could mean that a temporary job could become permanent. My manager told back in October, that at least the assignment would last until Jan., but she wasn't sure about after that, as the company are changing the way they opperate. They had been very flexible with my working hours from the start. Now I am working 2 days from home. This job is 25 miles away from home.
Now, on thursday, an agency phoned me to put my CV foward for a job much closer to home, better pay , and it's a permanent possition. So being that is 6 weeks to end of January,with Christmas, I said yes, that he could put forward my CV for the position.
Now, my dilema is, Do I mention it to my manager? I have a meeting with her tomorrow, about some work projects, and I thought I would mention to her about my contract, if she could tell me if it might be extended or go permanent, and then mention about the other job opportunity. But I am not sure if it'll work on my benefit or not. Please, what would you do???

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