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Grievance upheld against serial bully...mediation??

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winterpansy Fri 14-Dec-12 20:52:04

I am going through a bit of a hard time at the minute and could do with some advice. I've been off work on work-related stress for 6 weeks now and on 8th Oct I submitted a grievance of bullying, harrassment and discrimination against the CEO. It's a small organisation of just 5 people so you can imagine this was incredibly difficult to get the guts to actually go raise the complaint. There was an investigation which has uncovered that 2 previous female staff members left because of his behaviour, there has been a previous grievance upheld against him for similar reasons and yet he has got away with this for years because the board have essentially let him.

I found out on Wednesday that my grievance was also upheld - in full. There were 17 examples of his behaviour in my complaint and each one was proved to be true. The investigator told me that he presented his report into the grievance and exposed the truth about this man's serial bullying and abuse of women. The Chair of the Board told me I would hear today what the outcome would be. I found it strange that he didn't tell me what it was straight away but was ready to celebrate getting rid of the evil man.

So, as you can imagine, I was full of the joys of Spring as I wrongly assumed that as he has been found guilty of gross misconduct, he would be dismissed.
This meant I could go back to my job, which I enjoy, and start to ttc DC2 as DH and I had been planning.

Today I recieved the outcome of my grievance -they want me to go for mediation with this man through ACAS! That's it. The only outcome. I am devastated that he is not even being disciplined for his behaviour and has got away with this again. I have appealed the decision and am waiting to get a date back for the meeting but assuming the appeal will not change anything, I am going to have to hand my notice in. I can't work with him. Is this good enough grounds for constructive dismissal? I know it's really hard to prove it in an ET but the guy who did the report is willing to be a witness, as are the other people who left the company because of him.

I'm just rambling now but would appreciate any feedback anyone may have. I'm so stressed and upset.

winterpansy Thu 17-Jan-13 22:26:17

Hi there daily! Thanks so much for your message. I met with my new boss on Tuesday and she is totally lovely - and I've had two offers of freelance work this week too so things are looking up.

Yes, it was totally lovely of my Uncle. His background is management consultancy so he can see how awful the whole thing is for me and how badly they have behaved.

My official end date is tomorrow and I'm going to break my no drinking prep for ttc dc2 to crack open a bottle of champagne grin

Interestingly though, the Board didn't know I'd lodged the ET claim until I copied them all into my resignation and it was mentioned in that so there have been emergency meetings taking place this week and someone else has gone on stress leave because the CEO confronted her about the fact she had been mouthing off about him making sexual advances to her. It's a total mess and I am so happy to be rid of them all!

TheDailyWail Sat 19-Jan-13 15:49:34

You will be well rid of them. It sounds as if your new job will be wonderful. Good luck with your New job and ttc. I have been through some old documents and I found my resignation letter and 2 grievance letters from the job from he'll 3 years ago. I am on my second job since then and both have been wonderful work places. It's wonderful when you enjoy your job but when it is intolerable it takes over your life, affects your sleep, health and eating.

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Sat 19-Jan-13 18:44:54

Hurray for Winter.

Enjoy the Champagne and your new job. Keep us posted re the ET too. smile

BadMissM Sat 19-Jan-13 19:29:53

In the middle of an ET myself...with no supoort. It's a long slog, but you are better off getting out of there by yourself. Staying only made it worse for me, I was determined not to be bullied out, but when it's management you have no chance of staying realistically. Good luck!

winterpansy Thu 21-Feb-13 15:07:07

Hello everyone,

Just popped by with an update.

Basically, they are trying to settle out of court with me for around 5-7.5k. I'd be happy enough with this (legal costs will be 1k) but to get to this point the board actually asked me to go back (!) and also to attend more bloody mediation with the CEO and the Chair even though I'd left. I told them where to go!

I'm hoping it gets settled soon as I am fed up to the back teeth of it all. I've start my new pt job and I love it. The boss is ace and the work is very flexible and rewarding. I've landed on my feet here!

In the meantime, the CEO has had another grievance of sexual harrassment brought against him and this time the board have talked the employee involved into retracting it and trying to sort it out informally, even though he agressively spoke to her about making allegations of sexual harrassment before Christmas (as per my last post) and she went off on stress for a month too. Think she's going to have to quit too. The saga continues.

I am again and again astounded at the incompetance of these people. Unbelievable. So glad to be away from it all.

I'll come back and update if/when we settle. If not, I'll be on asking for ET advice! Hope yours is going ok badmiss

Thanks again for all your comments and support through this.

CheddarGorgeous Thu 21-Feb-13 21:59:57

Well done Winter, have commented up thread but NC'd since.

Good for you but how galling that this prick is still getting away with this shit. When will the Board realise?!

winterpansy Thu 21-Feb-13 22:22:57

I know, it would make you sick. I did my best but can't fight them anymore. They, and he, are never going to change.
The sector I work in is so badly regulated for this sort of thing - even when public funding is paying for all the investigations/court setttlements etc.
But, I'm moving on. Hurray!

winterpansy Wed 27-Feb-13 19:42:38

Final update - settled out of court for £5.5k. Once fees are out of the way I walk away with almost £4.5k. I've kept my dignity and while they are not admitting liability, they are not giving me that amount because they like me!

I'm just glad it's over. I'll never let anyone treat me like that again so a lesson has been learnt and I can finally start to get over this whole debacle for good.

I'm going to have to see evil CEO at a conference soon but I shall hold my head high while shitting myself in case he has a go!

Thanks everyone for all your comments over the last few months. Much appreciated thanks

CheddarGorgeous Thu 28-Feb-13 09:24:50

thanks for you Winter, well done for seeing it through, now try to forget about him and think about how the money will help you.

Ignore evil CEO - he sounds like he will never learn or change but he is Not Your Problem now.

winterpansy Thu 28-Feb-13 14:42:28

Aw, thanks so much cheddar. We're going to put the money to good use by paying off a loan and enrolling me on a new course so it will benefit me long-term. It'll also give us a bit of a cushion to soften the blow of having to go p-t. Might have to buy DS a wee present though!

You're right, he's not My Problem anymore. Thank goodness for that smile

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