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Formal warning interview

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nyprincess Fri 14-Dec-12 12:36:52

This is my first time posting so sorry if its a bit of a mess.

Basically I am a first formal warning for my sick absence, my review period started in Sept and I have been off a bit in that time due to severe migraines. Now I went back yest after another 5 day sickness and my manager has spoken to me about the fact she has to consider taken the next step to stage two, final warning, as of last night she hasn't made her decision but she has spoken to HR reps and ATOS etc, and I am expecting the letter today inviting me to the interview to issue said 2'nd warning.

I know they need to do this, my absences haven't been great, having migraines haven't been great for me either and docs still haven't found the right treatment so a long road ahead but what I want to do is not attend this meeting, and just get the warning, I know that's what they are going to do so why sit through another meeting going over old ground where there is nothing I can say to change minds, I have supplied sick lines, etc, so I can't do no more, and tbh these meetings stress me out and I end up in tears making my headaches worse so I don't see point in going/

So my question is do I have to attend?, can they just make the decision without me being at the interview, especially when they know deep down they have already made it.

Sorry its long.

hotbot Fri 14-Dec-12 13:26:42

Are you nhs? Can they link the absences, as you have a longstanding issue. What are you doing about it. Are you being referred to a consultant. If its a stage 2 will alteringing what you do at work help. Eg are they more prevalent on a morning or when you use a,p.c. of for example. These are all questions they may ask so be prepared, and do your your union rep with you.

BluelightsAndSirens Sat 15-Dec-12 13:59:50

The meeting can go ahead without you or they will reschedule to give you a second chance.

Have they asked for permission to write to your doctor?

How much time off have you had this year? 3 days off in a row would count as one period the same as one day off and if you go back to work and then go off again they count as separate episodes.

sandripples Sat 15-Dec-12 21:03:07

Does your condition count as a disability as if so your employer needs to make adjustments for you under the Equality Act. I suggest you speak to your union or if you are not a member, a solicitor about this.

Has the employer considered the triggers for migraines - are they linked to work?

You don't normally have to attend the meeting but it would be in your interests to send a letter asking them to consider a number of points, especially if your migraines are a disability and have been having adverse effect on your health for 12 months or more. If you can suggest any adjustments you think would help, put them in the letter. eg flexible hours? A different start and finish time if that would help. Avoiding certain tasks if they are triggers? Its better if you can take an active role in the review, even if not physically present. Good luck and I hope your health improves.

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