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I am being over cautious or sensible?

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overcautiousornot Tue 11-Dec-12 21:23:03

Thank you ladies for all your replies - you have all been really helpful. I've now told them I'm not prepared to use my name and address as the point of contact and they need to get a PO Box. It is a legit association so nothing dodgy but I didn't think it was right that my name and home address was used. Thanks again.

JaxTellerIsMyFriend Tue 11-Dec-12 20:30:36

Doesnt sound very professional at all. No way would I have my name and address used for a company - especially one that wasnt mind!

Run for the hills, or at the very least find out a lot more than you have.

TeamBacon Tue 11-Dec-12 20:28:09

Argh. *years

TeamBacon Tue 11-Dec-12 20:27:56

Argh, leg it. Not in a million ears would I agree to this

KindleMum Tue 11-Dec-12 20:19:09

Dodgy! RUN!

flowerytaleofNewYork Tue 11-Dec-12 20:12:30

Run a mile.

If they can afford to employ a secretary they can afford a PO box. If they can't afford a PO box I'd be worried about what else they'd struggle to afford.

YDdraigGoch Tue 11-Dec-12 18:47:02

Don't use your home address as the company address. If the company gets into financial trouble, your home could be considered to be part of the business.
Suggest they use a PO box number, so you can collect post every day.
Are you insured to work at home under their insurance? They should really set you up with appropriate desk, chair etc.
Also check that working from home isn't forbidden in the terms of your mortgage, and that it doesn't invalidate your home insurance.

nkf Tue 11-Dec-12 18:45:13

It doesn't sound very professional to me. That's my first thought. What sort of association? I can understand if it's something a bit local if that makes sense. Only shared with people in Neighbourhood Watch. But a website. I wouldn't like it either.

overcautiousornot Tue 11-Dec-12 18:42:23

I could do with other people's perspective on a situation I have found myself in. I have been offered a job as secretary working from home for a local association. However, it has transpired that my name and home address would appear on their website along with telephone number (not mine - a new phone line will have to be installed at my home) and all correspondence sent out would have my home address on (e.g. letterhead, invoices) of which there will be a large amount. I would also have all post sent to me which could be considerable. Basically my name and home address would be used as the association's address. I have had no previous connection with the association - it was a job I applied for off of a job website.

Am I being over cautious about the fact my name and home address will appear on the website along with telephone number so anyone could ring to find out if I'm in or not? I'm not sure whether I am being unreasonable about the fact that my home will effectively become their office (they are supplying all equipment they want me to use). I am always super cautious about shredding anything with my name and address on it and am ex directory so this has left me feeling uncomfortable that my details will be available to all. I would like to suggest a PO Box to them but I think the price will be out of their budget.

Your thoughts would be welcome! Thanks.

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