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pregnant and work problems

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lookingfoxy Tue 11-Dec-12 11:14:15

Hi, the only communication I have in writing is text message.
I was told that they couldn't find a way to change this rota.
I've got the doctors shortly so will see what they say.
Thanks for replies.

Ellypoo Tue 11-Dec-12 08:54:28

If you physically can't do the shifts, and you have spoken to your manager to explain this and they can't/won't change the rota, then you don't really have much choice other than to get signed off again. I would ensurew that you have it in writing to your boss though that you have requested mornings only because you are unable to work afternoons etc - an email would be fine.

flowerytaleofNewYork Tue 11-Dec-12 08:53:08

I assume as soon as you saw this rota you spoke to your manager about it and asked for it to be changed?

I would suggest a visit to your GP and asking for a fit note stating that you are fit to work mornings but not afternoons.

lookingfoxy Tue 11-Dec-12 00:24:52

Hi I was signed off for 5 weeks and went back to work last week. I work 16 hrs per week.
I'm still not feeling great and during week discovered was ok in mornings but in afternoons was really unwell.
I think I have went back too early so instead of going off sick again I told my manager the above and asked if I could just work in mornings, this is possible in this type of work.
Was told this would be taken into consideration but today received rota for following week and is mainly afternoons. I have been in tears since this arrived with the thought of getting through 1 afternoon never mind several.
What are my options, do I go off sick again until I'm 100%. I physically cannot do these shifts.

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