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Work issues, what to do advice needed NEWBIE

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Anniecel Mon 10-Dec-12 22:21:16

Voluntary redundancy has been offered to some of us within the department but not others, it wasnt mentioned to me at the time but our 1 to 1 meetings were a few months ago now and since I can't be as flexible as they want I wondered if I can put myself forward for it as a way out more than anything as the financial benefit for me would be very little.
And as for getting the letter in today no I just haven't felt able to deal with it!! I am signed off work till Wednesday this week but still feel unable to go back! I had my first ever panic attack the other night thinking about it, it was odd I was just lying in bed trying to go to sleep and all things were going round my mind all of a sudden I was panting almost gasping for breath and crying uncontrollably I had to get up go downstairs and try and calm down. It all seems so silly as normally I'm a person that copes well and yet all of a sudden I'm sobbing my heart out in a doctors surgery for no apparent reason!
I did however today trying to get yself together manage to send an email to out facilities manager for the trust who is part of the team responsible for implementing the changes and told her my concerns as to the new working hours etc but no response ! very bloody helpful !!!

flowerytaleofNewYork Mon 10-Dec-12 19:07:20

Your post is a bit difficult to follow.

Is voluntary redundancy on offer? You ask whether you can opt for it but don't say whether you've actually been given that option.

As you don't want to accept the change to your terms, did you get the letter in today as required confirming that you don't consent and giving your reasons?

Anniecel Mon 10-Dec-12 18:07:03

Forgot to say when i changed my shifts last year i had no written agreement just a verbal agreement with my then supervisor who has since left and a new boss started 1st december

Anniecel Mon 10-Dec-12 14:25:19

Hi all, I'm new to the site and just wanted some advice as i'm lost as to what options i have.
I have been in my current job for four years Just over a year ago my husband and I seperated and I changed my shift pattern so that I only worked whilst the children were at school ( Aged 13,12 and 7) We have been undergoing a consultation as we were taken over by a new trust within the NHS and now have been given new job descriptions and contracts to sign, I have been lucky enough to keep the 20 hours a week at the same hospital but they state that I have to work all shifts this means early mornings evenings and weekends which I can not do!! The documents were supposed to be signed and returned by today at twelve noon!!! or a letter sent stating the reasons why i did not accept them. This along with several other things has really got me down recently, I struggled on after the seperation and never took any time out to deal with things but now feel that it has all got on top of me, I have ben off sick a couple of times in teh past few months with Chest and throat infections, septic tonsils and silly virus's and now most recently have been suffering stomach cramps, headaches, dizziness,nausea, forgetfulness and inability to concentrate, I went to see the doctor but could not see my regular GP as he was off on holiday so the doctor signed me off for a week, I then got my sick note extended by a duty doctor via a phone call to the surgery and got signed off for another week, I'm due to return to work Wednesday but really can not face it! But also the thought of going into the docs again is awful, last time i completely broke down was in tears in front of a complete stranger, which is completely unlike mesad. So now I have a dilemma, I'm no longer happy doing my job and cant accept the new working patterns so do I/ Can I opt for voluntary redundancy on the basis that I am not well and going back to that job is only going to make things worse, or do I give in my notice which should be 4 weeks but ask to leave early! Or do I try and get to see the docs again (which will be another duty doctr as my doc isnt available till next week!) and see what happens. I have no support here really my husband has moved on with his life and is in a new relationship so i cant rely on his help and all my family are 206 miles away, which brings me to another point I have the option to move closer to my family as my brother has offered to lend me the deposit for a house near them my eldest son is keen to move away but my other two children are against the idea do I risk just dropping everything and starting again? It would also mean i leave my housing association rented property to go into private rented ?? HELLLLLLLPPPPP

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