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Agencies and temping - does it work?

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petal2008 Thu 06-Dec-12 17:35:17

I have recently been made redundant and notice virtually all vacancies are advertised through agencies.

I have registered for JSA but they have said if I do any more than 16 hours a week I will need to sign off. So,what are the practicalities of doing temporary work? I don't want to have to keep signing off and signing on again but this is what I will have to do if the agencies have no work - an administrative nightmare.

Does anyone here do temping as a "full time job" and is it doable? They said I could work for more that one agency but how does that work with HMRC?

NamingOfParts Thu 06-Dec-12 18:45:52

Similar position but now a couple of years down the line since being made redundant

I signed on for JSA then found a short term contract job. The contract got extended once then ended. It then took a few weeks to find another contract. I have now been in this role for nine months despite having originally started with a 3 month contract. They are now talking about extending my contract for several more months.

There are several ways of temping:
- agency work (the company you work for pays the agency for you)
- fixed term contract with the company you work for
- limited company contract.

I'm a day rate contractor on a limited company contract. This means that I was placed by the agency, with a company but am actually employed by an umbrella company. It is actually less confusing than it sounds and has legal tax advantages.

You do need a cushion of cash - there are sometimes problems with getting time sheets organised so that you can be waiting a few weeks for money. Also if you have time between contracts then you need to sign on.

Strange to say I actually found the signing on process useful - it made me a lot more active in job hunting.

It is more precarious without a doubt but after many years with one company I actually find the absence of 'career' quite enjoyable. I am there because there is work to do. I do the work. I dont get involved in career discussions or office politics.

Happy to answer any questions.

petal2008 Sat 15-Dec-12 19:34:41

Thanks for you reply. Sorry it took so long to answer! I took on a temporary job with an agency which finishes next week. I had to sign off as it was more than 16 hours so will have to wait and see if another assignment appears after xmas. I am still applying for permanent jobs but I suppose being xmas it is hard to judge how it will pan out. I must admit I agree about not getting involved with the day to day workings of the business. There was a major meeting last week where I am based and obviously lots of unwelcome changes afoot. I merrily carried on with my task smiling to myself!

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