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WANTED! Help me find my Wojo (Wonderful Job!)

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racingheart Wed 05-Dec-12 23:48:37

They do exist. DH had some meetings with a woman in kew who was very good, after his redundancy. I think she was eye wateringly expensive (his ex-company paid).

As to what you can do - why don't you make a list of the progress you've made in your job. Note down the highlights - things you felt proud of achieving, organising or running; any staff management or project management; client liason etc.
Make a list of the skill sets you've acquired along the way, and any qualifications you've picked up.

Then make a list of stuff you love doing, or enjoy - however odd it is, and analyse what skills are involved in it. E.g. running PTA stuff may feel like nothing but if you get a kick from keeping the treasury orderly or organising staffing and outside concessions at big events like summer fetes, then that's a skill that's clearly transferable to business.

There are books out there too, on changing career. probably best to browse them in a bookshop to find one with the tone and content that suits you.

Good luck. Sounds exciting!

Oh and one other thing: when you do apply for work, aim way too high. Go for a job at least two levels above what you think you can get. Women under-estimate their worth.

JennyAt Wed 05-Dec-12 11:04:43

Hello, I've finally come to the end - after a few years with toying with the idea I've finally decided that I must move on. Having worked for the past 16 years for the same company and having the fortune to be working 3 days a week - which is great (though they are three full on days often running into the w/e's), I now need to move because where I'm at is an antiquated male dominated dinosaur (they still exist) and I feel overlooked and ignored (probably because I'm part-time - I know, maybe because I'm a lady - possibly?), for any promotional prospects but am so far out of the loop regarding getting a new job - facebook, twitter, and emails(almost!) weren't invented! I haven't had another interview ever, my CV is confused (like me) and I don't even know what other jobs I'd be good for. SO, I'm looking for some serious careers advice - I am professional and in an executive (I suppose) position, am good at what I do but I would really like to move-on and would really like some help in establishing where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and what options/careers could be open to me - Does anyone know of a service that offers this?

I live and work about 1.5hrs from London but would consider commuting more if it meant a better quality of work. Do these careers advice services exist? I've Googled plenty but come up with the same generic websites - all go-getting and dynamic but seem pretty impersonal and then there's the sites that are suitable for school-leavers or Graduates (I was one once smile ) but I can't seem to find something for a 40ish mum of two that's got a hell of a lot of work left to give and doesn't want to simply grind it out.

I know I'm fortunate to be working and I know to be working three days a week would seem to be the perfect work/life balance, and I know 'there's a recession on' but I've really got to find something that will spark a little passion back into my work life, as for my personal life - that's for another posting!

Any help would be gratefully received - thank you!

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