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office re-location and TUPE

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MistyB Tue 04-Dec-12 17:12:26

Can you continue to work from home?

mrsSOAK Tue 04-Dec-12 16:26:53

I already know I am being unreasonable and in some respects I am lucky but I want to have a little rant.
I am, I think, very fortunate to do a job that I enjoy and that I think can really make a difference to peoples lives.
My role has recently been TUPE'd
A new organisation has taken over the contract for my role and my previous employer had no other role to offer me. So I still have a job, the role will only change slightly. The new organisation are not based in this area. They dont really know the area at all. It is a large area the service covers, which for the most part is rural. They have been looking for office space to base themselves in. When asked we discussed the merits of certain areas and I was very against the idea of using an office which is quite a distance.It is not conveneient for anything other than other service providers .
I should also add I dont drive and have never had a lesson.
Today I find out they have chosen the office base which is quite a long way away.
To get there by bus will take me well over 1 1/2 hours, be very expensive and mean that I will hardly see my DD.
I had previously been really excited at the prospect of working for the new organisation but not now.
I know that as a humble employee I have no say in the matter and they were just being polite in asking my opinion, I know that it comes down to costs and all those kinds of things.
Please feel free to ignore but I just wanted to get this out as I am currently working from home due to the office situation, have no one I can talk to about it. I just dont know what (if anything) I can do

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