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Company goes into administration during consultancy period

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hiyalove Tue 04-Dec-12 07:28:20

Hi thanks for replying, I was advised to raise an invoice by a family friend and my line manager has also aid to raise an invoice to the administrators (?). I am an employee of the company and have been working for them for 17months now.

annh Mon 03-Dec-12 19:44:26

Who is the someone who advised you to raise an invoice? Are you a contractor or an employee of the company?

hiyalove Mon 03-Dec-12 19:11:21


If anyone could advise me I would be eternally grateful. I was notified on the 19th Nov that the company I worked for would be making redundancy and due to me being out of my probation period, I would be given a months consultaion period, amd then on the 19th December would be (most likely) given a month notice period.

I receieved an email today stating that the company has gone into administration and have been advised by someone to raise a invoice for the amounts owing to me.

I was wondering if someone could let me know if the company still have to honour the consultation period and 1 month notice at all and whether I need to claim for that on my invoice?

Any help would be great, I and a lot of my colleagues have been left utterly screwed over and have no idea what we can do.

Thank you in advance

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