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freddybanana Sun 02-Dec-12 10:16:45

I'm currently very torn about my employment situation. For 15 or so years, I did Job 1. I dabbled with Job 2 for a number of years then finally took the plunge, did some proper training and committed to Job 2 which I have been doing for just under a year. In lots of ways, I love it but the insecurity and lack of benefits/pension scares me to death. Ideal scenario would be to do both to a greater or lesser extent but Job 1 is full on and only ever available as full time.

I'm so torn as to what to do. Has anyone else been through this? What did you do? Pearls of wisdom appreciated...

Job 1 - office job, secure, semi-decent salary with benefits and pension, lots of jobs available in field, can be quite stressful, sometimes a bit dull, lots of social contact and lots of opportunity to dress up in nice clothes.

Job 2 - creative job, salary is fairly low with no benefits and pension, few jobs available via employers so currently self employed, not stressful as I call the shots, creative, satisfying, work mainly on my own so minimal social contact and very little opportunity to dress up as work is quite dirty.

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