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Job application has left me wondering....

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nextphase Wed 21-Nov-12 19:00:25

My summer jobs, I've bracketed into a general "summers 1850-1856 various summer jobs including..."

I guess if you did several temp jobs between 2 longer spells, you could put that in a similar way, unless you want to mention any of the companies, or roles done specifically.

Jobs that were to tide you over - how long were they for? If you can "hide" it with the dates e.g. instead of 1 Jan - 13 July Mumsnet, 17 July-1 August Towers, 6 Aug - present Computing, you could make that Jan- July Mumsnet, Aug-present computing. But don't do that if it would leave big gaps. I'd be more likely to reject a CV for gaps than lots of jobs, but I'm not HR!

Boadiccea Wed 21-Nov-12 18:20:49

I'm applying for jobs and have to fill in their set application form. It requests to "provide details of all your employment history (including temporary and voluntary work) putting your current or most recent employment first. For regulatory reasons, please explain any gaps in employment history."

While doing this I realised I have had way too many jobs for my age (I didn't know what I wanted to do, just went with what was expected of me). Some were summer jobs, others only temporary, some just to tide me over (that's not including voluntary work which I was going to add to my statement/additional information).

I am now thinking it gives off a really bad impression, yet I really need and want to have the opportunity of a interview.

Should I 'delete' some jobs? If I do it would be missing out some experiences I have gained. Or should I include them all?

TIA smile

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