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Company breaking the law? with regards to pay

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Eddings Tue 13-Nov-12 16:52:29

Not sure if there is anyone that can help with this...

My daughter aged 18 replied to job she saw, it was advertised at £7.50 per hour. However when she received her contract (after starting) it stated she would only be paid for 20hours a week. She worked there for a total of 2 weeks, she was required to be in the office at 11.30 for daily meetings/pep talks. Then they would be out in the field (charity fundrasiers, yes yes I know) until 8-8.30pm & then they were required to go back to the office until 9-9.30pm 5 days a week & they were also required to work 6 hours on Saturday if they had not hit their targets in the week.

Anyway my question is... are they breaking the law & if so who do I report this to? Thanks in advance

hermioneweasley Tue 13-Nov-12 21:06:37

Which bit do you think might be breaking the law?

If it's the working hours, then from what I can remember, those are within the working time directive.

WeAreEternal Tue 13-Nov-12 21:23:01

If she is only being paid to work 20 hours and no more regardless of how much she works I would suggest that she tell them that she will only be working 20 hours per week.

When I was a student I did a very short stint in the same job and I remember working 7am (but having to be in the office for 6am) until 10pm 6 days a week, but they would only pay your for 'working hours' so you didn't get paid for the first couple of hours as they were classed as traveling and organising yourself hours and you weren't paid for 'walking time' or lunch breaks or the final two hours again for traveling and organisation.
Basically they wanted to only pay you for the time you spend 'actually working', knocking on doors and talking to people. And you had to sign up a certain amount of people per day or you would have to basically work for free the next day while you went back and made up the missing numbers.
It was a horrific job.
I lasted a week before I decided that is wasn't for me.

Eddings Tue 13-Nov-12 21:31:51

Thank you for your reply hermione,

No not the hours worked, my partner works 60-70 hrs a week.

I meant paying for only 20 hours a week when expected to work more like 55, therefore in reality working for approx £2.70 per hour, when minimum wage for a 18year old is £4.98.
Also the fact this is not how the job is advertised nor is something the company make their applicants aware of until they have already accepted the position. My daughter for example left a part time job that she had while studying for her A-levels for this full time job, she was actually earning more before with no travelling costs.

Eddings Tue 13-Nov-12 21:47:22

Its vile isnt it WeAreEnternal, she lasted 2 weeks after a week of me telling her to just leave. I'm sad for her as she has worked since she 14 & this was her first ever full time job after leaving education.

flowery Wed 14-Nov-12 13:02:49

If she wasn't paid minimum wage for the hours she did, then yes they are breaking the law

Here's what to do

Eddings Wed 14-Nov-12 14:20:03

Thats great, thank you flowery :-)

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