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Awful work environment career advice or change needed?

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stressgoaway Mon 12-Nov-12 19:54:40

will try to keep short but apologies in advance for length! my work environment is truly awful because of a very small minority of political witches and the constant backstabbing is really getting me down

background; i work for a successful company in their marketing team and have worked in marketing for many years and see that the competitiveness and general nastiness is getting worse so wonder is it me or am I not cut out for the environment?

I am a team player, love to help and am generally known for being capable and good at my job and for getting on with people and clients. But there always seems to be that one, that one that looks you up and down to see what you're wearing, makes sly digs and when you have to work with them on anything they make your life hell!

This one person lets call her Jane, has been making my life hell along with others but she is on amazing terms with management who will not hear one bad word said against her even though she is generally lazy, not that great at her job, not good with people and an attention seeker who needs all the shine and praise.

I did a great job on a project that was then handed to her with me overseeing and she has purposely cut me out of everything, refusing to keep me updated and i only seem to get involved when there has been a cock up at which point she will try and make it appear as though its my fault. management know i am not being kept in the loop, i have been nice about it, have been frustrated and angry about it but nothing seems to change except hushed meetings where she is obviously complaining about me because I've asked a reasonable question about the project as I am not being updated.

I have been there less than a year and really didnt want to ruin my career progress with yet another change to yet another competitive environment but i know that i need to get out for my own sanity as things will not get any better.

Any advice on how to keep your sanity long enough to make a smart career move? I dont want to make a rash decision and end up in the same position because it is just a competitive and bitchy industry

Thanks for making it this far!

waitingforgodot Tue 13-Nov-12 08:02:47

Sounds quite horrendous and I don't have much advice. She sounds like a difficult person to manage. Could you arrange daily/weekly catch up meetings where she has to brief you on what is happening. Since you are managing her, you are quite within your rights to do that (in a nice way) but also lets you ask lots and lots of questions about the project in a 1:1 setting. (I know nothing about your job or the industry so apologies if this is way off the mark).

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