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mumof2monsters Mon 12-Nov-12 18:36:19

I have just changed my job temporarily for 3 months or so. It is called a work development post where I do a different job for 3 months to gain experience in a different part of the company.
I am in a new environment and my old boss put me forward for this.
The people I am now working with (technically I am their boss for three months but am usually a grade below some of them) are frosty and unwelcoming towards me.
Today was my first day on my own and one particular women is short and sharp with me and I am convinced she was checking my work whilst I was on a break.
It is sometimes a petty environment but as today was my first day I felt sick with nerves as still a little unsure what I am doing. I was not prepared to ask her for help as she has made it obvious she does not want to talk to me unless she has too.
Not sure how to handle it as have been told by many that she is hard work and I am not the best at confrontation. Please help dreading going into work tomorrow but should be enjoying this opportunity.

mrscumberbatch Mon 12-Nov-12 20:39:20

I'd just get on with it and remember that it's 3 months to really prove yourself.

Ignore the frosty lady. Just do what you have to do!

It's common sense and you know it really grin

jaabaar Tue 13-Nov-12 16:20:25

I have worked with such a person for over a decade. Have seen people coming and going who had to deal with her and left because of her.

But the ONE attitude that this kind of people are NEVER able to handle is absolute politness! They are short tempered and sharp tongued but after an outburst if you just say something "Nice" puts them completely off the rails!

Just remember that these kind of people do not always know the great impact their behavioiur has on others. So try not to take it too much to heart and try and ignore... block her out and enjoy!

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