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Help needed please advise

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missalien Mon 12-Nov-12 07:03:13


Worried about posting this but hey Ho I need a little advice if you please

I've been in an admin position for 3.5 months for a new business in a new building starting up, it's extremely hectic with so much o do and so Many interruptions to my work load
It was agreed at interviews that this was a part time position , agreed contract of twenty hours over four days. However due to start up I've been in five days a week and average about 32-36 hours a week , I raised concerns last week that a longer day is needed to get tasks completed as opposed to things not falling over into the next say

So Friday myansger announces I'm only supposed to be in 9-1 monday to Friday as that's what's on my contract. she has been shouting at me a lot recently in front of the owners about stuff not done. I have been pulled out of the office sever times and had to do cleaning etc or go shopping. I don't have a job description .

I know I don't have a leg to stand on as I've only been there three months . I'm a 40 year old woman and I'm sick of being shouted at for her to make me look bad . I've got ten years pa experience am I am a loyal hardworkwer .

How do I handle them tomorrow, do I just stick to my contracted hours, but think they are trying to get me out. There is another woman they want to start who is currently covering someone's maternity leave who will be free January , I think this is her game

Do I just have to do what hours they tell me? Can I say no? I've paid all my childcare in advance so only earning a pound or so after anyway, but if they cut hours and I'm paying for full time childcare I'm well out of pocket!

Not best pleased!! How do I proceed please help !

Thank you so much in advance
So ,

flowery Mon 12-Nov-12 09:49:42

It's not clear from your post what hours you want, do you want your contracted hours or do you want to continue working overtime?

If they wanted to 'get you out', at 3.5 months they could just dismiss you. You talk about someone having a 'game', but it's not clear whether you are referring to your manager or to the woman doing maternity cover.

Sorry I'm a bit confused. On the hours thing, if your manager only wants you to do your contracted hours, and doesn't want to give you overtime, then there's not a lot you can do about that (assuming you want extra, which I'm not sure!).

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