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Picking yourself up after rejection - and is it worth it!?

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moodwing Sun 11-Nov-12 10:13:02

Hello! I am wondering whether any wise people on here can offer some thoughts on my dilemma - which I must say I do recognise is not a bad dilemma to have compared to many people, so don't at all want to sound like I'm moaning.

Anyway, I was recently turned down for a job. It felt quite brutal largely because I had worked at this place for two years, and although the interview panel (said) they wanted me, my previous colleagues did not. In fact, it was a unanimous no from them and I am now licking my wounds. Next week I have an interview for another job, same field, different place, and to be honest, am feeling literally sick with nerves and really wondering if it's worth it.

The thing is, on paper I guess I am a 'high achiever' but in my working life I constantly feel like a fraud, that everyone is far cleverer than me and that I'm a total imposter. In my current job, these feelings are manageable but should I happen to get this other job, it is a relatively high profile and very competitive organization and I think that these feelings would intensify dramatically. The question is, should I get the job, do I man-up and take the challenge to try and increase my self confidence and make this work? Or do I accept that this type of higher profile career is not for me in psychological terms if nothing else? Doing the latter feels a little pathetic - but how important is it really?

Has anyone made a similar decision - and again, I recognise how lucky I am to HAVE a job at this point in time!

DiddyMary Sun 11-Nov-12 14:34:34

"I constantly feel like a fraud, that everyone is far cleverer than me and that I'm a total imposter."
That really is absolutely normal! It's so common there's a name for it - Imposter Syndrome.

jaabaar Mon 12-Nov-12 10:50:27

Dear Moodwing,

I just felt very strongly that I wanted to reply to this post!

I am in a similar (but not the same) situation.

Was made redundnat and have found a job which after great consideration I have turned down (for many reasons but also for some of your above reasons).

I feel VERY empowered. AFter more than a decade in one job I did NOT want to continue in the same field that is very stressfull for me (partly also due to my "make up" as a person).

I have given myself the chance and taken the courage to find something that is more suitable for me and give me more peace (not rest from stress, just peace of being in the right place).

Please please consider carefully and listen to who you are and find what is MOST suitable for you....

You will feel MUCH better for it...

I wish you the very best of luck!

moodwing Mon 12-Nov-12 17:08:17

Hello both, thanks so much for answering. My imposter syndrome seems to have a strong relationship to the profile of the organization in which I work, if that makes sense. I guess I'll see if I get this other job first - at least I can go into it feeling as though rejection might not be the end of the world. Thanks again!

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