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Any advice pls!

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slipslider Sun 04-Nov-12 15:06:34

My colleague has an issue with me at present regarding a friend of mine, she tried to build a relationship that didn't happen as he wasn't keen but then blamed me because he turned nasty and said some unkind things when she would not leave him alone. She said nasty things about me and accusations which were unfounded. Following this she began to get jealous of my friendship with this person and would message him things such as asking if he was f**** me and why was I there first thing in a morning etc.
I tried to sort this out with her by being mature, we had discussions etc and I assumed it was all done with but I have since had comments at work which would only come about if others knew of the situation. They were also made in a negative manner so I assume that others now have this opinion of me. I can not blame my colleagues as they are only going off what they are being told but in hindsight no one has come and asked me, just the sly comments here and there. I feel like I am back at school, I have tried the mature approach but it seems she lied that she was ok with things and had not discussed it at work (I also said if she had, would she do the right thing and put them straight). This was over a month ago but the comments/looks/remarks have only recently begun I am not sure where to go from I speak to her again? do I ignore it? do I speak to the other colleagues? do I log it?

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