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Helen275k Sun 04-Nov-12 12:51:34

Hi I am working in nursery for last 2yrs. I have been always bullied by my colleagues as its my first job and my first language is not English like them .but now my deputy who work in the same room with me ,gives me hard time ,she doesn't speak with me properly and does't consider me as team member .her this behaviour give me too much of anxiety and depression . I don't feel like going to work but there is no choice for me as I have to work ... I am also worried about reference if in case I change job .is there any legal way get out of this .as my deputy is so clever she give negative report to my manager .

adns Fri 09-Nov-12 00:00:24

I arrived home on Tuesday to find a letter on the mat inviting me to a Formal Grievance stage 2 meeting. I'm baffled as I have no knowledge of any grievance, or any informal hearing or a stage 1 against me! I phoned HR to ask about it and I was told that I would be told at the meeting on Friday as to what it is about. Can they do this?

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