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'self-employed' and not getting paid

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starswirlthebearded Sat 03-Nov-12 18:31:41

A few months ago I applied for a job as an admin assistant at an English school for foreign students. During the interview, the manager asked if I?d be interested in helping with some teaching as well, since I?m currently half way through an English degree, and I said yes as I was thinking of becoming a teacher after I graduated and the experience would be useful. A few days later he rang me to say he wanted to take me on as a teaching assistant, and could I start the next day. I ended up working there for two days.

The first day I was there, it was just me and the manager of the school, and the only students were ones that spoke Arabic, and the manager did a lot of the teaching in Arabic. He told me he only did this on days when only the Arabic students were in. A lot of the things the manager said/did made me think something wasn?t right and that he was a bit creepy. When I first came in he was having an argument over the phone with someone he seemed to owe money to. I also didn?t expect him to leave me alone with the students, but he did, and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. The students obviously thought I was a qualified teacher and it was extremely embarrassing.

On the second day, there was me, the manager, and two other teachers, who I found out had only been hired very recently and were also not qualified teachers. There were also a lot of students from all over Europe, as well as the Arabic ones from the previous day. The manager still used a lot of Arabic when speaking to the students, even though it was now less than half who were Arabic.

At the end of the day there was a teachers? meeting where I found out that we were supposedly ?self-employed?, even though this hadn?t been mentioned to me at all by the manager. It also seemed that he expected us to prepare lesson plans and work for the students, in our own time, for no extra pay ? this lead to an argument with one of the other teachers, and the manager?s attitude was quite bullying, saying he doesn?t have to prepare in his own time, but then he will look like a ?sick joke in front of the students?. I emailed him the next day to say I wouldn?t be coming back. I also asked about payment arrangements, considering I wasn?t aware I was ?self-employed?, and he assured me that he would pay me. This was in August.

Well, he still hasn?t paid me. And the more I think about my time there, the more dodgy this guy and his school seems. I had a good look around the internet to see whether being ?self-employed? like this is even legal and couldn?t find a definitive answer, although I did find a checklist somewhere with things like setting your own hours, using your own materials etc being some of the things that make you self employed ? none of which I did.

So, does anyone know of the legality of this? Should I report him to someone, and if so who? Do I have any hope whatsoever of getting paid?

HecatePhosphorus Sat 03-Nov-12 18:38:20

Probably not.

Send him an invoice.

If you are self employed, you decide your rates, for a start!

handy guide here

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