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Who do I tell? Tax office?

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SufferingLampreys Sat 03-Nov-12 18:09:50

I started a new job today. I won't be doing much about 14 hours a month just above minimum wage so presumably won't be paying tax.
They're just paid me cash in hand which I wasn't expecting.

Do I need to let anyone know... Tax office etc?
I'm guessing I need to let tax credits know too (so that we can they can take practically all my earnings off our tax credits <wry smile>

ivykaty44 Sat 03-Nov-12 18:12:41

They're just paid me cash in hand which I wasn't expecting.

They need to give you a wage slip, you have no rights if you accept cash in hand, so no tax credits, no sick pay and you become lost to the system.

SufferingLampreys Sat 03-Nov-12 19:22:26

Thanks I was thinking as much

Crap, how to make them

Bilbobagginstummy Sun 04-Nov-12 22:02:40

You could start by just asking for your payslip, they may(!) just not have written it out yet.

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