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Been working for 4 years, got a new boss who is a nightmare... Help!

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PetiteMum Sat 03-Nov-12 12:20:49

I work at a fairly senior level in the pharma industry. I am well established and recognised as a high performer. However there has been a complete change in management and I am now being accused wrongly of under performing. New manager has come in and is deliberately looking for negative feedback. He is also telling colleagues I am behind target from timelines he has made up. This is affecting me as he is doing it in a clever way by putting very little on email and being vocal to change people's perceptions. I am also so busy I don't have the time to keep up with hm or to go around correcting colleagues.... It's complicated but how do I approach this? I have already had a one to be with him and it's of no use. He smiles and then carries on doing it....

pippop1 Sat 03-Nov-12 15:38:07

Would it be out of order to write an informative email to all your colleagues (newsletter style) just updating them with what you are doing?

You would need to quote numbers at them to prove you have met or almost met targets and so on. You could think of some spurious reason as to why you are writing this email for example because you are having a few days off and just want to explain where you are with things or to ask a general question of everyone, anything really? But insert the information that will prove you are doing really well.

Would this work?

flowery Sat 03-Nov-12 17:22:33

What do you think his motivation is in doing this?

PetiteMum Sun 04-Nov-12 01:02:47

I think he is trying to make a impression by acting like he came in and saved the business or some suchlike. It's the only motivation I can think of! Unless he feels threatened by me?

NewNames Sun 04-Nov-12 01:18:04

Talk to him. Be super upbeat and helpful. Bend over backwards to seem like you're helping him settle in etc Be nice, be his right hand woman and keep being good at what you do and people will see through him. He'll also find it much harder to bad mouth you.

I totally sympathise on this one!

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